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Dana grew up in Ottawa and fell in love with the performing arts pretty quickly when she went to Canterbury High School in order to run away from the kids she went to middle school with. She's been addicted ever since! She's a graduate of George Brown Theatre School, The Second City Conservatory and was the Director in Residence at The Vancouver Opera Yuland M. Faris Young Artist Program.

Her unique and random interests have led her down many varied paths including classical acting, improv comedy, touring commedia dell’arte, touring circus companies, street performing, clown, stunt work, opera directing, film writing and personal and group fitness training. 


She loves meeting people and is always up for a new and exciting challenge!



Jordan & Associates (Actor/Toronto):, 416-728-7422

Cha Cha DaVinci (Actor/Montreal):, 514-523-9106

Dean Artists Management (Opera Director/Canada):, 416-969-7300 ext. 303


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